Tracking & Timing


Service Providing Company – CronoBandeira Coordinator – Mario Bandeira Check below to get further information about the tracking device that will be used during the event. For the 4X4 vehicles, it will be fixed by the tracking company under the supervision of the technical officer. Please Note: There will be a Deposit of XXX that will be taken on the date of administration, this will be returned to the competitor after the device is returned back.

Navigation & Sentinel

Service Providing Company –   ERTF
Coordinator – Cathy Tournaire

The cost of these devices are NOT included in the Entry Fee and must be paid directly to ERTF.


Please Read the information guide for the ERTF equipment, which could be downloaded as in English & French.


English information Guide
French information Guide


Step1:  Please Download the Auto order form 
Step 2: Email the Auto order form before (04 Feb 2019) to